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Why Memorize Scripture? 3 Great Reasons and Tips to Help


Have you ever asked yourself that question in frustration? You know the statement you’re seeking is in the Bible. It’s entirely applicable to your situation. And your friend desperately needs to hear it right this very moment. So you frantically search Google, hoping you remember enough for the search engine to deliver the desired passage. But what if you chose to memorize Scripture instead of relying on web searches? Let’s explore some great reasons to commit Bible verses to memory, plus some helpful memorization methods!


“I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” Psalm 119:11

The longest chapter of the Bible, Psalm 119, is dedicated to loving God’s word and all the benefits of living in obedience to it. Tucked in amongst the 176 verses is one that clearly states the primary benefit of committing Scripture to memory. The psalmist realizes that his tendency to sin is greatly reduced when he knows God’s law by heart. And it makes so much sense.

For example, while it is very natural for humans to worry, God’s word tells us not to. Instead, whenever we’re feeling anxious, we can remember to “let our requests be made known to God” as Philippians 4:6 instructs. Or we may be tempted to hold to anger at some point, but that’s not what God wants for us. If we know Ephesians 4:31-32, we’ll be reminded to let go of our anger and “be kind and tenderhearted to one another.” When you memorize Scripture, you’re much more likely to handle difficult situations God’s way, which is both for your good and His glory.

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Memorize Scripture Corrie

During World War 2, Corrie Ten Boom housed Jews in her home for months before she and her family were captured and taken to a Nazi concentration camp. She recounts the experience in the book The Hiding Place and tells of how she and her sister Betsy would spend spare moments reading and working to memorize Scripture they smuggled in. Although they endured dark, heartbreaking moments, Corrie tells of the value of learning God’s word by heart:

Gather the riches of God’s promises. Nobody can take away from you those texts from the Bible which you have learned by heart.


Life in the Morning’s Mandy Bowman spent many years as a child memorizing Scripture. A program at church valued and rewarded Scripture memory. Being the overachiever she is, she wanted to be the best at it every single week. And she usually was. Here’s what she has to say about how it impacts her adult life today:

I’m so glad I learned so many passages of God’s word as a child. Throughout the difficult teenage years into early adulthood, it kept important truths always in the front of my mind as well as the tip of my tongue. When my own feelings wanted to reign over my attitudes, thoughts and actions, it helped tremendously to be able to quickly turn to His truth and allow His will to rule my heart. It’s been more than 25 years since I memorized most of those passages, and I can still recall, and therefore use them with ease.

Admittedly, Mandy also says it was much easier to memorize God’s word as a child when the mind is much more sponge-like. However, it’s never too late to start hiding God’s Word in your heart. To help launch that new goal, we’ve got a few memorization methods you can use.

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memorize scripture methods


Good for kids and adults alike, the sticky notes method requires writing out a verse in larger lettering on a sheet of paper. Then you slowly add sticky notes over individual words, forcing your mind to fill in the blanks. After a relatively short amount of time, all the words will be covered and you’ll know the whole passage by heart!

For an instructional video and various modifications, go here.


As Mandy is inspired to pick up some Bible memorization habits again, she’s excited to start trying the Bible Memory Project. These themed kits feature four verses according to a theme and come with 4 bracelets, a bookmark, 2 stickers and a postcard. Place the items where you’ll see them regularly, giving you many opportunities to read the passages throughout your day. The bracelets may be particularly helpful as they display the first letter of each word in a verse to aid your memorization. Each kit is $10, and a monthly subscription is $8/month.

Check out the options here.


If you’re the type who lives on your smartphone, you might want to utilize the Bible Memory App. It activates your kinesthetic (touch), visual and auditory learning with a variety of Scripture memory options. It’s free, but does offer some paid features as well. Get it in the App Store and on Google Play.

Do you have some other methods for memorizing Scripture? Share them in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Why Memorize Scripture? 3 Great Reasons and Tips to Help”

  1. Vmae Christensen

    I always have index cards filled with verses in my back pocket, in my purse, in my jeep and in my bible case, especially when I am going through something, it helps me and reminds me God is in control.

  2. I use my favorite Bible app and set the memory verse(s) as my first page every time I open my wifi explorer. Then I require myself to read it before I go to email or any other surfing. Repetition brings memorization.

  3. I have to say, I am a sticky note queen. I am currently reading the Bible in chronological order this time. When I come across something that speaks to my heart, I write it on a sticky note and put it someplace special. My refrigerator and bathroom mirror are covered with them. Lol

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