Spring 2020

What We’ll Remember About Spring 2020

As North Carolina rolls through phase 2 of reopening, life is only beginning to return to normal. More stores and businesses are opening. Restaurants are taking dine-in guests again. Churches are carefully planning their worship service start dates. Hopefully, life will soon be much as it was before we even heard the word “coronavirus.”

However, it’s safe to say that this time will be remembered for the rest of our lives. So we took to Facebook and Instagram and asked you, “In 10 years, when you look back to Spring 2020, what’s the thing you think you’ll remember the most?” Many of you chimed in with your thoughts.

Spring 2020


It’s no secret that the last couple of months have been a tremendous challenge. Several workers are now unemployed. Some businesses are exploring bankruptcy. And Life 90.5 listeners aren’t immune to the difficulties of Spring 2020. Here are some tough things that will be remembered…

  • Judy: My daughter in the hospital…alone…for 6 days and all I could do was drive by the hospital or stand on the street to get as close as I could to her.
  • Melanie: That my baby girl got no ending senior year and no graduation.


While this time has brought immeasurable trouble, some of you expect to remember the blessings of a halted schedule…

  • Linda: Time slowed down and I sat under the carport and just enjoyed hearing the birds sing.
  • Erin: Time spent with my children… some great, some tough. But time well spent.
  • Shelley: Masks, lack of hand sanitizer and toilet paper, and incredible family time together! What a blessing that time together has been as I basically have four teens in the house and they will be going their own ways very soon!
  • Kellie: I will remember the time I was blessed to have with my husband and children, without the typical schedules of our busy lives.


Other friends expect to look back and remember the things the Lord has taught them in this time…

  • Kenny: I will remember the goodness and peace of God when we realize ultimately who is in control. What faith and trust can produce when we realize He is totally in control!
  • Kellie: I will remember how this pandemic has taught me to never again take for granted my ability to see other members of my family and hug them.
  • Jay: The never ending, never failing, goodness of God!

As your local Christian music station, there are many things we’ll remember about Spring 2020, too. We will remember how our Wilmington-area churches were quick to serve in whatever ways they could. We will remember your kind notes of gratitude at still hearing hope in your cars and in your homes. We will remember how you continued to donate because you wanted to share that hope with your neighbors. And we will remember how your favorite Christian music artists came together to encourage you in these difficult times. In fact, several different collaborating artists released two songs entitled “Together.”


Christian music icon Steven Curtis Chapman gathered friends Tasha Cobbs Leonard, American Idol alumni Lauren Alaina, and country music superstar Brad Paisley for this one. Written just for this time. Check it out…


For King & Country’s Luke and Joel created a special social-distancing recording of their new song with Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin. It’s been a frequent request of Life 90.5 listeners. When you hear it, you’ll know why…

Which was your favorite? And in 10 years, what do you think you’ll remember when you look back on Spring 2020?

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