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What is the Best Version of Way Maker?

Move aside, “Oceans” and “Reckless Love,” there’s a new hit worship song in town! “Way Maker” is taking the Christian music world by storm. Several of your favorite artists have released their versions of the song. Meanwhile, the music charts are covered in editions from various artists. Also, several Wilmington-area churches have already added it to their Sunday morning worship sets. Inviting worshipers into a moment reflecting on the goodness of our God, “Way Maker” reminds listeners of life-changing truths. God can work miracles in their lives, He keeps all His promises, is the Light in our darkness, and He always makes a way. He is worthy of all the praise because that is indeed who He is.

Your favorite version may depend on which artist you like the most, or the with which you first connected in worship. However, I would argue that there’s a version that stands above the rest. But before we get to that, let’s check out the popular versions played on your Life 90.5…

Michael W. Smith

First, from his album “AWAKEN: The Surrounded Experience,” Smith released his version on YouTube in February of 2019. This live edition also features Vanessa Campagna and Madelyn Berry for a dynamic mix of voices all with the same goal of worship. At more than 12 million views at this time on that platform alone, it is undoubtedly a beloved version by many. 


Next, with a run time of over 8 minutes, Leeland’s version of “Way Maker” is the longest by far. Released in August of 2019, this edition already has more than 12 million listens on YouTube, even though it has been out for only half the time compared to Smith’s. Life 90.5 listeners also seem to love it as it is the most frequently requested rendition.


Finally, in January of 2020, Mandisa released her own version of “Way Maker.” Unlike Smith’s and Leeland’s, Mandisa’s is a studio version instead of a live version. This recording delivers a cleaner, clearer sound with an ideal mixing of powerful vocals and music. However, listeners may prefer the more “authentic” sound of a live version from a worship service. 

So what version really is the best?

The version the little people around you sing.

When Kids Worship

A friend of mine shared a brief video of her little 3-year-old boy recently. Dressed in his adorable dinosaur footie pajamas and completely unaware he was being recorded, this precious young man is spontaneously singing this familiar song…

Is that not the most precious thing your ears have heard? 

Mandisa actually saw our post on Instagram and shared it to her own social media accounts. With several crying emojis, she added a Bible verse…

Mandisa Way Maker Verse

In a comment to your Life 90.5, Mandisa wrote,
“Thank YOU for sharing this! It made my morning! Thinking about what he COULD be singing is why I appreciate Christian radio so much!”

And that’s why we are here, friends. Your Life 90.5 works to bring you and your family the music that will keep your hearts and minds focused on the Lord. Music that will be soaked up by your precious kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. Music that will burst out of their mouths in the middle of daily routines, like grabbing a snack from the fridge in their pajamas. 

This would not be possible without you. Thank you for financially supporting your Life 90.5. You can donate today at

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