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You hear Sunny D every weeknight from 7-10PM, and she’s all over your weekends here at Life 90.5. She’s our resident concert junkie, Hillsong fanatic, and source for how to make AMAZING Puerto Rican foods. Her favorite songs are changing almost constantly, so we figured you’d need an update. So the keyboard is officially being handed over to the slowest typer in the office…

3. “Canvas and Clay” by Pat Barrett

I just found this song the other day and fell in love instantly! I love the visual of God being the Artist and the Potter and I’m the Canvas and the Clay. He says “When I doubt it, remind me I’m wonderfully made.”

2. “No Longer Slaves” by Zach Williams (the live version at the prison)

It warms my heart to watch that video and see those prisoners who are in the worst place possible and they are lifting their arms and praising Jesus!!! Makes my heart smile. When that song came out, I was struggling with fear and it was to the point it was crippling my life. I was at church and we had a big wooden cross that I liked to go to on my knees and I did so, to that song and surrendered that fear and anxiety. I asked God to take it from me. He DID, I can’t say that I don’t struggle from time to time, but that is because I’m taking it back! My favorite part of that song is the reminder “I am a child of God.”

1. “Mistakes” by Unspoken

I just love this song because it reminds me that yes! We ARE going to make mistakes and have failures BUT he can use them for HIS glory! Such a great reminder of God’s grace and mercy!

What do you think of Sunny D’s picks? Let us know in the comments. Then tell us your top 3 favorite songs right now and you may be featured on a future Top 3 Tuesday post!

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