Right Song, Right Place, Right Time

God is using your Life 90.5 to change lives all over southeastern North Carolina. Countless stories have been shared of how God orchestrated the perfect song to play at just to right moment, making a tremendous impact in peoples’ lives. You hear host Craig Thomas every weekday morning from 6-10, and he has this amazing story to share…

Mark’s phone call confirmed that I was now doing the most important work in my long and storied broadcasting career. He hadn’t heard this “familiar” voice in years and it made him stop scanning his radio. He didn’t listen to Christian radio but the next song changed that… and his life. He was having a painfully bad day and was questioning a lot of things. That’s when he heard Hillary Scott’s song Thy Will. 

For Mark, it was the “right song at the right time.” He pulled his truck into the driveway of his next customer and called us in tears. We prayed with him and he turned it all over to God. His life included. He gets out of his truck and apologizes to the woman who was waiting all that time at the door. When he explains what just happened she praises God and tells him, “I go to church with Craig…”, and invites him. Right song, right place, right time. It’s a God thing. He is now a friend, a part of my church, a listener and supporter of Life 90.5 and REDEEMED! I am grateful to be a part of this God thing.

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