Quarantine Life

Quarantine Life from Your Perspective and CCM Artists

Our lives have been turned upside down in recent weeks, haven’t they? This new “quarantine life” experience has been quite the departure from the norm. Stores are closed. Employment is paused. Churches can’t meet. And many are stuck at home on a never-ending “staycation” as kids try to navigate distance learning. On air and on social media, we’ve been asking you to use three words to describe your quarantine experience. The results have been quite the mixed bag…

Some are taking full advantage of the extra time:

  • Rachel comments, “To-do-list DONE”
  • Becky writes, “More Bible studying.”
  • Jeannie says, “Doing yard work.”

Others are being real about struggles during this time:

  • Robin laments, “Missing church family.”
  • Katie agrees saying, “I miss people!”
  • Kelly writes, “Work, sleep, repeat.”

However some are quick to share what God has been teaching them:

  • Shannon praises, “God is GOOD!”
  • Diana adds to that, saying, “God is everything.”

In these uncertain days, no one is immune to the impacts of COVID-19 and the precautions against spreading it. Several of your favorite Christian music artists are stuck at home instead of traveling the country for spring concerts. So what have they been doing with their quarantine time? Well, lots of things!

Mandisa's New Dog

“Overcomer” singer Mandisa adopts a new puppy! Her new “furbaby” Kiya has is now all over her Instagram account. As a new dog mom, Mandisa has a lot of learning to do. However, this extra time provides an even better opportunity to settle in with her new fluffy friend.

Ryan Stevenson's Beard

“Eye of the Storm” singer Ryan Stevenson has been struggling with his facial hair. After letting his beard grow out for 50 days, he realized it was time to regain some sense of normalcy. However, he reports being told he looks like a teenager. But the 41-year-old singer doesn’t mind that at all.

MercyMe's Social Distancing

The band MercyMe is physically separated from one another, so they can’t create music as normal. But that doesn’t stop Bart Millard and the band from recreating some favorite music while social distancing. Check out their latest version of “Happy Dance!”

Matthew West's "Quarantine Life"

Finally, Matthew West goes above and beyond. In addition to sharing devotionals and connecting with fans on Instagram, he writes a new song all about this new “Quarantine Life.” You’ll hear it every now and then on Life 90.5, but you can check it out here whenever you need a good laugh…

What is your “Quarantine Life” like? Let us know in the comments!

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