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New Music: Zach Williams, Ben Rector, and Micah Tyler

Happy Friday, friends! Can you believe we’re already almost halfway through November? The new year will be here before we know it! Thank the Lord, right? Anyways, we are thrilled to celebrate every Friday with new music from your favorite artists. Today’s Fresh Music Friday picks include a new version of a fan favorite by Zach Williams, then Ben Rector, a new artist to your Life 90.5, with a sweet seasonal song. Plus we’re sneaking in a new Christmas tune from Micah Tyler! Check out all three then vote for your favorite!

"Rattle" by Zach Williams

It’s a song you’ve heard before from Elevation Worship, but Zach Williams’ voice was made for this song. Released just this morning with project partner Essential Worship, his version of “Rattle” takes on a rockier feel. In addition to the new sound, the song also features portions of Ezekiel 37, the story of Elijah in the valley of dry bones.

Here’s what Zach had to say about the song on Instagram:

“Impossible and Disappointment are two words that have plagued our culture in this season. I want these words to be replaced with Power and Miracles. As a musician with a platform, I want “My God is Able” to Rattle the minds of my listeners. The raw power and emotion of this song impacted me greatly. I want “Rattle!” to be a reminder to all that God IS able and he IS doing great things.”

Get your copy here:

"The Thanksgiving Song" by Ben Rector

It’s like this artist heard Craig’s complaints that there’s not enough celebrating of Thanksgiving and decided to do something about it. Ben Rector’s first song on your Life 90.5 is beautiful and heart-felt, drawing the listener’s mind back to simpler times before our difficult year. 

Here’s what Ben had to say about the song:

“When I started putting together the Christmas album, I realized I hadn’t ever heard a Thanksgiving song. I feel like everyone has an emotional connection and a lot of memories around Thanksgiving, just like they do Christmas, so I did my best to write a song that honored that. I hope this song captures the magic and nostalgia that we all look forward to at Thanksgiving. I also secretly hope that this becomes the official theme song for Thanksgiving (this is both based on that I think the song is a very good Thanksgiving song and also that it is the only Thanksgiving song).”

"Feels Like Joy" by Micah Tyler

It’s that time of year for your favorite artists to release new Christmas music! While Christmas music isn’t officially allowed on your Life 90.5 until the day after Thanksgiving, we couldn’t resist sharing a new one with you for Fresh Music Friday! “Amen” and “Different” singer Micah Tyler surprised his followers recently with a new Christmas song we just adore. On Instagram, he says it’s “guaranteed to fill event he scroogiest Scrooge or grinchiest Grinch with holiday cheer!”

Feels like joy to the world
Feels like snow in the air
Feels like choir singing, church bells ringing
Hope is everywhere
Jesus Christ has come
And one thing is clear  
Between the tiny little baby
And all my friends and family
It’s the best time of the year
Feels like joy
Oh it feels like joy

Get your copy of “Feels Like Joy” here:

Which new song is your favorite?
  • "The Thanksgiving Song" by Ben Rector 67%, 2 votes
    2 votes 67%
    2 votes - 67% of all votes
  • "Rattle" by Zach Williams 33%, 1 vote
    1 vote 33%
    1 vote - 33% of all votes
  • "Feels Like Joy" by Micah Tyler 0%, 0 votes
    0 votes
    0 votes - 0% of all votes
Total Votes: 3
November 13, 2020 - November 20, 2020
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