New Music from Mack Brock, Rend Collective and Jonathan Traylor

Jonathan Traylor

Happy Friday, friends! We are so thankful to make it through another week of 2020, aren’t you? On this edition of Fresh Music Friday, we’ve got the latest from worship artists Mack Brock and Rend Collective. Plus, you’ll find a feature from an artist new to Contemporary Christian music, Jonathan Traylor. Listen to all three, then vote for your favorite!

"Savior of the World" by Mack Brock

Originally from Charlotte-based worship band Elevation Worship, Mack Brock has branched out into solo projects. You might have heard his song Greater Things on Life 90.5 before.

In discussing his latest release “Savior of the World,” Brock says, “We have nothing to fear when we remember the story of Jesus, and remember that he came from heaven to earth, died on a cross, rose from the grave – and he did it all because of his love for us.”

"Our Prayer" by Rend Collective

Like many Christian artists, Rend Collective has taken to social media and online platforms to do some socially distant worship time. It’s been met with such joy from their audience that they decided to release their “Socially Distant Worship Club (Part 1) EP.” “Our Prayer” is one of the three songs on that album, showing worship is possible even in the darkness of a pandemic.

Our prayer is the weapon here in the fight
Our prayer is the weapon that scatters the night
Your victory’s coming it can’t be denied
You are reigning, sovereign

Get the Socially Distant Worship Club EP now.

"I Trust You" by Jonathan Traylor

Just added to your Life 90.5, it’s Jonathan Traylor’s “I Trust You.”

New on the Contemporary Christian music scene, Traylor embodies a blend of worship, Christian, and Gospel influences. “I Trust You” delivers a message that every believer needs to remember in times they can’t see God’s plan:

You make ways out of no way
You’ve been faithful all my days…
You know my every need
Before I can say a thing
Your promise is yes and amen
Yes and amen

His album The Unknown is out now.

Which new song is your favorite?

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