New Music from I Am They, Building 429, and We the Kingdom

Building 429

Happy Friday, friends! It’s the last day of July in this crazy year of 2020, but we can still celebrate new music for this summer. Today’s selection includes a familial collaboration from Building 429, plus two slower worship songs from I Am They and We the Kingdom. Check out all three, then let us know which one you liked best by voting for your favorite.

"Faithful God" by I Am They

Reminders about God’s faithfulness are so essential in this time. God was faithful long before the pandemic, throughout it, and will continue to be faithful for all of eternity. I Am They’s latest single “Faithful God” delivers that message with a worshipful feel.

I will sing through fire and thunder 
Cause You are on my side 
I trust You with my life 
I know my story, it isn’t over 
Even against all odds 
You are a faithful God 
That’s who You are 
You are a faithful God 

"Different" by Building 429

Following the release of their worship EP “Remember: A Worship Collection,” Building 429 drops yet another new single. Like the song “Remember,” this one also features frontman Jason Roy’s daughter Haven. Not only does she offer incredible vocals, but she also co-wrote the song with her father. Jason shares how the song came to be:

I walked upstairs late one night and heard my daughter playing something new on the piano and was almost stopped in my tracks.
'Different…why can’t they see it’s hard to be so different.'
Simple lyrics that just wrecked me. Here my fourteen-year-old was singing the words that matched a thousand thoughts in my forty-year-old head. We immediately started working on it and as we were writing we began talking about how God loves different… He loves variety, how the world is amazing because of how different every part of it is, and that maybe, just maybe the differences between us are actually a gift. Maybe we shouldn’t hide who we really are. Maybe our scars are a story that testify that nothing is wasted so we don’t have to hide. My words of encouragement to her were simple… Stand your ground, don’t back down, and you’ll be proud of who you’ll become, daring to fail, willing to fall… but sweetheart, don’t ever run from who you are.

"No Doubt About It" by We the Kingdom

Since bursting onto the Christian music scene last year, We the Kingdom has yet to release a song that hasn’t been well accepted by Life 90.5 listeners. Their previous releases like “Holy Water” and “God So Loved” feature upbeat, oldschool feels. However, this new release slows it down a bit. Here’s what they had to say about “No Doubt About It” on Instagram:

Each one of us is on a journey home. Sometimes we get discouraged when we look ahead and see how much further we have left to go. We see the mounds of sin and brokenness in our lives and the time and process it will take to be whole. But when we look back and see how far the Lord has brought us, it is amazing. God is faithful and He will finish the good work that He started in each one of us. Our new song “No Doubt About It” is a song about the journey.

Which new song is your favorite?
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For Amazon Echo devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill, then say… 
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