Mimi’s Top 3 | Top 3 Tuesday

Every Tuesday, we feature a list of the top 3 songs from your favorite hosts at Life 90.5. Our volunteer coordinator Melanie, or Mimi as we so lovingly call her, has taken over the blog today. Y’all need to know the songs she’s dancing along with right now, too! She does so much work for your Life 90.5 behind the scenes and we love her more than she could ever know!

Her first choice is the new song Reason by Unspoken…

She admits that the reason (see what I did there?) she likes it so much isn’t a very spiritual one – it’s because she likes the catchy beat! You should see her dancing to it while she’s trying to fold papers and stuff envelopes. It’s quite the sight to behold!

Her second selection for her top 3 is Switch and Dillon Chase’s Symphony…

This song is one of our most-requested at the moment and quickly rising on the charts. Mimi adores it for its unique mix of tune and talent. Switch begins the song with a worshipful feel before Dillon Chase brings an element of rap into it. We think Mimi likes it so much because she’s also a unique mix – one of service, kindness, and infectious ridiculousness.

Her final pick for today is Danny Gokey’s New Day…

When asked for the heartfelt and profound reason why she likes the song so much, Mimi replied, “Just because it’s Danny Gokey.” Deep, right? It’s no secret she loves Danny. In fact, when Danny comes to Myrtle Beach in October, she’ll undoubtedly be seated in the front row of the venue. However, she’ll be out of that seat as soon as the show begins because she’ll be dancing along to Danny’s fancy footwork like it’s a game of Dance Dance Revolution. And this girl’s goin’ for the win!

Check out all the details on the Danny Gokey concert on our Event Calendar listing!

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