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Melissa's Top 3

Prepare yourself for quite the mix as you check out Melissa’s Top 3! On Tuesdays, we share your submissions for your top 3 favorite songs. However, this Tuesday brings a wide-ranging selection of Life 90.5 songs that mean the most to Melissa. Melissa found Life 90.5 many years ago when she moved to the Wilmington area. Now that she has a family, her dial rarely moves. She says, “I appreciate not having to worry about anything coming over the airwaves with my toddler (who loves to repeat things) in the car!”

3. “Thank You” by 33 Miles

Released in 2008, this song is one of the older songs in our library. Although the message of gratitude is clearly one that still resonates among listeners today. Here’s what Melissa had to say:

“I love this song because it puts me in right frame of mind to start my day. It’s at the top of my Good Morning playlist!”

What an excellent idea to begin your day with thankfulness for all God’s blessings. And to do it with music? Even better!

2. “Burn the Ships” by for King & Country

Currently sitting comfortably at the top of the charts, “Burn the Ships” has touched the hearts of countless for King & Country fans. Listeners Emlyn and Suzanne have already listed it as one of their favorites, sharing their own stories of broken addictions. Melissa’s comments about the song proves that the message isn’t just for addicts or those in recovery. Instead, it is for everyone:

“It encourages me to be strong and push through whatever comes my way.”

We all face struggles and challenges in this life on earth. And in music like this, we are all reminded of God’s strength that can pull us through whatever circumstance.

1. “Church Clap” by KB and Lecrae

Melissa’s top 3 is rounded out with a surprise fan favorite. When your Life 90.5 began playing this song in 2019 as a joke, we had no idea it would take off with the listeners as it has. As a result, children and adults alike have continued to request this  joyful and fun 2013 rap song. Melissa and her 2-year-old are no exception:

“If you are not ready to take on the day for God before you hear this song, you will be after. This is my motivation song. Motivation to live out loud for God!”

We thank God that He is using this unexpected hit to motivate and inspire people just like you, Melissa! Thank you for sharing your top 3 with us this week!

You can share your top 3 favorites with us, too. And maybe you’ll wind up on our blog like Melissa! Submit your top 3 right here.

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For Amazon Echo devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill, then say… 
“Alexa, play Life 90.5 FM”
For Google devices, say… 
“Hey Google, play Life 90.5 FM”