Life in the Morning Co-host

Since she was a young child, Mandy has adored Christian Music Radio. If the radio in her bedroom was on, it was undoubtedly tuned to her favorite contemporary Christian music station. The station was also the accompaniment to every single car ride. Local Christian music radio was quite literally the background music to her childhood, helping to engrain God’s truth into young heart. When a family friend who worked at a similar station in east Tennessee allowed her to visit, she knew that’s what she wanted to do.

Mandy’s radio experience officially began in Morehead City in 2007. Although interested in Christian music radio since high school, she began her career as a live show producer for a local political talk show at The Talk Station WTKF/WJNC. Over the course of a decade there, she developed many skills that would serve her well when God relocated her family to Wilmington at the end of 2017. Shortly after settling in, God moved to match her with Life 90.5 where she began a live midday shift. Now, she’s the co-host of Life in the Morning alongside Craig Thomas. Additionally, she now manages the website and social media for Life 90.5 and Carolina Christian Radio. She is thrilled to be part of an organization that encourages believers, shares the gospel, and keeps her laughing off air with some of the best people she has ever worked alongside.

Mandy married her husband Bob in 2017. They have two furry kids, Punkin and Cat. Please be in prayer that Bob would allow her to have more. She enjoys Marvel comic book movies, and is still trying to process her emotions from viewing Avengers: End Game. Her other loves are coffee, ice cream, and tacos.

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