Mandy and Sunny D on Anxiety, Easter, and the New CCR App

Mandy and Sunny D

On Wednesdays and Fridays, Mandy and Sunny D usually join forces for a ridiculous time during the Ladies Lunch Hour Cafe. However, thanks to social distancing, that fun combo isn’t possible for the moment. But that doesn’t keep these two Jesus lovers from getting together. Thanks to technology, they’ve been meeting on Zoom to catch up, share their COVID-19 experiences, and encourage you, too. Here’s their most recent meeting:

I think it’s safe to say that Mandy and Sunny D are both leaning on Jesus even more during this time. And they are both finding Him to be just as faithful as He said He is. Friends, cling to Him and let Him fill you with the peace that passes all understanding.


As Easter is approaching this Sunday, most churches are geared up to bring music and message online. Sunny D will be “attending” her church in a nice dress, but Mandy may still be wearing her pajamas. No matter how you’re dressing for church at home, don’t neglect to celebrate the greatest event in history – the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If your church is not live streaming, check out one of the Wilmington-area churches listed here for streaming information. 


During these unusual times, you might not be listening to Life 90.5 in your car as much. That’s why we are so excited to bring you the new Carolina Christian Radio app. You can listen to your favorite music and favorite hosts from anywhere. Plus, you’ve have instant access to online resources like the events calendar. You’ll even get notifications about the verse of the day or upcoming interviews and contests. Read more about the new CCR app here, or go ahead and install it on your phone:

Friends, Mandy and Sunny D are praying for you. They are committed to bringing you hope, peace, joy, and Jesus during this difficult season. Mandy is live from 10am to 3pm on weekdays, then 12pm to 3pm on Sundays. Sunny D is on from 7pm to 10pm weekdays, all over your Saturdays, and Sunday from 3pm to 6pm.

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For Amazon Echo devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill, then say… 
“Alexa, play Life 90.5”
For Google devices, say… 
“Hey Google, play Life 90.5 FM”

For Amazon Echo devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill, then say… 
“Alexa, play Life 90.5 FM”
For Google devices, say… 
“Hey Google, play Life 90.5 FM”