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Life Line Pregnancy Center on NC’s Safe Surrender Law

The story made local and national headlines. An abandoned baby boy was rescued from a trash bin and was comforted by the familiar song “Jesus Loves Me.” The rescuer Cynthia Burton joins us for our Ministry Focus to recount the story. Cindi Adair from Life Line Pregnancy Center also joins us to show how Life Line Pregnancy Center helps women in difficult circumstances. Plus, they share more about North Carolina’s Safe Surrender Law.

Cynthia discovered the baby while on a walk with her dog on July 16th. She had taken an unusual route, but knows that God was placing here at the right place for the right time. Now, the boy is healthy and getting the care he needs.


Countless area mothers face challenges that make having and a keeping a baby difficult. However, Life Line Pregnancy Center is here to help. They assist women every week throughout their pregnancies and educate them on various options. No mother needs to feel trapped into thinking there is only one choice. In this case, adoption would have been a wonderful option. 


In addition to offering help to mothers in need, Life Line Pregnancy Center also raises awareness for an important state law. The Safe Surrender law provides an option that is helpful to many. According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services:

North Carolina’s Safe Surrender Law allows a parent to surrender a newborn up to seven days old to a responsible adult without the parent providing his or her name. Safe Surrender is legal and aims to prevent newborns from being hurt or abandoned.

For more information about the law, go here.


Share information with your family, friends, or church about the Safe Surrender law. Awareness may save a life.

You can give to support Life Line Pregnancy Center on a special GoFundMe in the rescued baby’s honor.

To connect with Life Line, call 910-392-0001 or go to

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