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Life 90.5 Announces Lending Library for Women’s Bible Studies

Friend, we are so excited to tell you about a new opportunity for the ladies in our audience! Your Life 90.5 now has a collection of Bible studies by Beth Moore and others. This collection makes up our new lending library available for your use! Here’s Mandy to tell you more about it:

Who is this for?

This new lending library is for any group of women who want to study God’s word in the Wilmington area. Maybe your women’s ministry is in need of some in-depth Bible study. Maybe your small group needs a way to fellowship and develop biblical understanding at the same time. Or maybe your little circle of sisters needs another excuse for the husbands to stay home with the kids. Whatever your need, sister, this is for you.

How much does it cost?

This is the coolest part. It’s absolutely FREE. We know that studies like this can be expensive. But thanks to a friend of Life 90.5, you can borrow the video series and leader guide at absolutely no cost to you.

How do I reserve a study?

The full list of studies in our lending library can be found here. You can then contact the office to inquire about availability at 910-763-2452 or email Melanie at melanie@life905.com.

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