Lauren Daigle’s Rescue | Fresh Friday

Though the popular album Look Up Child has been out since September 2018, the song Rescue is only just recently gaining popularity across all music platforms. Last week, she released the breathtaking music video for Rescue…

Here’s what Lauren had to say about the song…

Rescue is probably one of the most personal songs on the record. It was written for someone close to me who was going through a difficult time. I want people to listen to this song and leave feeling that while they may be struggling, there are better times ahead. I’ve had some time to sing this song around the world and the way that it is connected with people is something that is so surreal. Still to this day, when I listen to this song, I will cry. That’s the beauty of this song, that’s why it’s so personal, that’s why it means so much.

Do you know someone who needs to hear that message of rescue and hope in Jesus? Then share this song with them today.

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