Jim’s Top 3 | Top 3 Tuesday

You hear Jim Stephens every weekday morning from 6-10am on Life in the Morning with Craig. On this Tuesday, it’s his turn to share his top 3 favorite songs!

And no, one of them is not “Church Clap.” Although, we all think he secretly loves the song and dances to it while no one is looking.

1. “On the Way Up” by Apollo LTD

Jim says likes the song because it’s “catchy.” We’re pretty sure he picked it because he’s trying his best to fit in with the younger crowd. However, he may have to ditch his daily plaid shirts if he’s going to actually accomplish that goal.

2. “Echo” by Elevation Worship and Tauren Wells

This is another one of Jim’s current favorites because it’s also “catchy.” We think he just likes saying “Echo… echo… echo” on air after the song plays. 

3. “Haven’t Seen It Yet” by Danny Gokey

This song is a current favorite of countless folks as it’s topping our charts and gets many requests for air play. Jim enjoys singing along with Danny, but also loves the message of this song. “It encourages me not to give up,” he says. 

What do you think of Jim’s picks this week?

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