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Happy Friday, y’all! Mandy here, and I’m so excited to share a brand new song with you by one of your favorite artists on Life 90.5. Just this morning, Jeremy Camp released a new song entitled “Should’ve Been Me.” What begins as a slow, thoughtful ballad, quickly turns into a fun, summertime dance party as Jeremy reflects on God’s goodness. Take a listen…

Fun, right?? Many of you may know that there’s being a film made about Jeremy’s life by the same group of folks who produced the “I Can Only Imagine” film about MercyMe and Bart Millard. In collaborating on the film “I Still Believe,” Jeremy says that he’s had to reflect on his entire life, which heavily influenced the writing of his next album. Here’s what Jeremy had to say on social media about this song in particular…

Because of what God has done in our lives by carrying our burdens and taking our place, we're able to have joy and live in freedom. While I was writing this song I was struck by the gratitude for what God had done in carrying my burdens.

Jeremy’s next album “The Story’s Not Over” will be released on September 20, including this song and his previous single currently rising on the charts, “Dead Man Walking.” The movie “I Still Believe” is currently being filmed featuring KJ Apa as Jeremy, country music star Shania Twain as his mother, and Gary Sinise as his father. The wide release of the film is set for March 2020. 

I had the privilege of meeting Jeremy at a Christian radio conference in late July, and he gave me an interesting tidbit of news regarding the film. Directors Andrew and Jon Erwin informed Jeremy that this film would “10 times better” than “I Can Only Imagine.” With the MercyMe film being one of the best-made Christian films out there, I don’t understand how “I Still Believe” will exceed the quality to that degree. Jeremy doesn’t understand either. However, we’re both excited to see how the film turns out and how God will use to draw people closer to him through Jeremy’s story.

Also, since I’m still excited about having met Jeremy, here’s a photo of me trying (and failing) to keep my excited smile from completely taking over my entire face…


So what do you think about Jeremy’s latest song? And how excited are you for his film coming out next year??

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