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Jennie's Top 3

Get ready for a fun mix of rap and worship with Jennie’s Top 3! She’s been a listener since she moved to the Wilmington area about 20 years ago. She says “I love 90.5,” and sister, we love your selections!

3. “Holy Water” by We the Kingdom

Our most-requested song by the end of 2019 is one that Jennie can’t listen to enough. We the Kingdom’s “Holy Water” took the Christian music world by storm last year, quickly climbing the charts and remaining towards the top even today. 

Jennie gushes about the song, saying that it “reminds me of the sweetness of God’s forgiveness like holy water on my skin.”

Acts 3:19 says “Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.” Doesn’t that sweetness and refreshment sound good to you, too?

2. “Church Clap” by KB and Lecrae

Second on her list, and also a favorite of listener Melissa, Jennie adores “Church Clap!” Aired on Life 90.5 upon request, this song invites the listener into a feeling of a fun, energetic worship service.

Jennie writes, “It is a fun song and I can picture those Godly strong church mothers with their beautiful purple hats!”

Like you, we are so thankful for Godly church mothers who express their love of the Lord through worship, in addition to being strong influences in the lives of those around them. Who cares if their hair looks a little crazy after worship time, right?

1. “Way Maker” by Leeland

Finally, Jennie’s top 3 is completed with one frequently requested by other listeners. Leeland’s version of “Way Maker” appears to be the most beloved. You can check out all the different versions you’ll hear on Life 90.5 right here.

Jennie writes, “God is a way maker when there seems to be no way. It talks about who God is. He’s been all those things to me.”

It’s true, God is a way maker.
He’s a miracle worker.
He’s a promise keeper.
He’s our light in the darkness.
He’s all the things that song lists, plus infinitely more.

Thank you, Jennie, for sharing your your top 3 favorites with us this week! You can share your favorites with us, too. And maybe you’ll find yourself on our blog just like Jennie! Give us your top 3 here.

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For Amazon Echo devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill, then say… 
“Alexa, play Life 90.5 FM”
For Google devices, say… 
“Hey Google, play Life 90.5 FM”