It’s Never Too Late for Amazing Grace

“Like a hero who takes the stage when we’re on the edge of our seat saying it’s too late, let me introduce you to Amazing Grace.” – MercyMe’s Flawless

Mandy here. You may already know that I’m a comic book movie fanatic. I’m pretty much obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I could talk for hours on it. At the end of the Avengers movie, Infinity War, I felt exactly how that one line describes. And fellow fans, you know what I’m talking about.

We’re waiting til the final second…

Hoping for a miraculous turnaround…

Expecting one of our heroes to fix everything…

But it’s too late.

The bad guy won.

Now I’ve got to be honest here and tell you that I cried at the end of that film. I cried like an inconsolable little baby. But after a few hours of weeping, it hit me this is just a movie. It’s a story. It has no bearing on real life, on me.

The truth is that this pit of despair and this heartbroken desperation is a very real thing. Without Jesus, our story ends in a tremendous loss. With no hope at all of being rescued.

But then Jesus shows up.

Two thousand years ago, our greatest Hero defeated sin and death and offers a victorious rescue to each and every one who would believe on His name. He wants to introduce you to His amazing grace.

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