Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence Stories: God’s Goodness in the Storm

Exactly two years ago today, Hurricane Florence made landfall in the Wilmington area. This slow-moving monster of a storm caused tremendous damage, flooding, and loss of many homes. However, there are countless tales of incredible things the Lord did during this difficult period. 

This morning, on Life 90.5, many listeners shared their stories. Stories that reveal the goodness of God in the middle of a disaster. Take a listen to the seven stories below and join us in praising God for his love, mercy, and compassion on the people of southeastern North Carolina.

1. God's Got This

One Wilmington nurse shares how God was in control all along.

2. God Provided

Listener Mel reflects on how God graciously provided everything she needed through her friends.

3. Bonding Time

God used the power outage and downtime to bring a foster mother and soon-to-be-adopted son closer together.

4. New Campers and Dry Closets

God’s gracious timing was in the purchase of one listener’s camper before the loss of their home. Plus, a miraculous sparing of family memories.

5. Be Still and Know

One friend was continually reminded by the Lord to simply “be still and know” in the middle of the storm.

6. Helping Without Asking

Mr. Rogers always said to look for the helpers during disasters. Helpers were all this listener could see.

7. Local Fire Department Walking In His Hands

A local fire chief details the help received from people all over the world and knowing they were in God’s hands the whole time.

What an incredible, loving God we serve, friends. He was with us through every moment of Hurricane Florence. He’s proven He’ll be with us in every other storm we may face in this life. 

You can also read the story about host Mandy Bowman‘s sister’s loss of her home and how God used the music from your Life 90.5 to prepare her here.

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1 thought on “Hurricane Florence Stories: God’s Goodness in the Storm”

  1. I Thank God for His mercy and goodness AND his safety and protection during the storm. We had special family members who open there Home to us for a safe place to ride out the storm and for His peace in the middle of chaos in the aftermath of the storm❤❤❤

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For Amazon Echo devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill, then say… 
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