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Texas, Florida, and The Caribbean Islands are in recovery mode after Harvey and Irma paid an unwelcome visit. This resource page includes links to ministries that are doing important work, in Jesus name, to help our neighbors to the south.

Click on the logos below to get involved with helping these ministries take relief and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands in need.

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gods pit crew

Over 25 tractor trailer loads containing Blessing Buckets and more have been sent to Texas, and now we are responding in Florida after Hurricane Irma. These truckloads, filled with essential relief supplies, will be disbursed to those in need! GPC’s volunteer truck drivers arrived in Texas on Sunday, and are delivering the loads of hope to a church in Houston, Texas. From there, the church will distribute these supplies to the surrounding areas that have been affected by Harvey’s path. God’s Pit Crew is prepared to respond with more tractor trailer loads of relief supplies, and assistance. Please watch this site and our facebook page for updates and please consider DONATING NOW to help us bring hope during this very bad weather emergency.

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Convoy of Hope

  • SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 | 11:30 PM

    SPRINGFIELD, MO.Today, a team arrived in Turks & Caicos with partners from Mission of Hope and met with emergency management officials.

    We will ship emergency relief supplies including food, hygiene kits, tarps and water treatment kits to TCI from Haiti tomorrow. We expect to serve up to 10,000 people with this initial load.

  • SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 | 9:30 AM

    SPRINGFIELD, MO.Power is already being restored in many places in Florida and some areas are starting to get fuel again.

    We will begin unloading and distributing our first two truckloads of supplies later today.

    Additional locations around the state have been identified and more trucks are en route today.

  • SEPTEMBER 11, 2017 | 3:30 PM

    SPRINGFIELD, MO.While Irma has been downgraded to a tropical storm, it still caused mass destruction overnight in Florida. Nearly 6 million people lost power across the state.

    Our Disaster Services team has been working with local partners and they have identified locations for distribution sites in the coming days.

    In addition to the two loads we had pre-positioned ahead of the storm, we have multiple loads en route to provide relief to storm survivors in need.

    Additionally, our team in the BVI is working with governmental leaders to establish a distribution plan for food and relief supplies. As people start running out of cash — and food and water are already scarce — the situation needs desperate help from organizations like Convoy.

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A staff member unloads relief supplies in St. Martin.
Today Samaritan’s Purse will fly once again to the beleaguered island of St. Martin, and this time our DC-8 cargo plane will be carrying 30 tons of high-energy biscuits to help residents faced with dwindling food supplies.

The World Food Program donated these biscuits to us for our Hurricane Irma relief effort on St. Martin, and our DC-8 flew to Haiti to pick them up.

In the days ahead, Samaritan’s Purse will also place equipment on the ground in St. Martin to convert seawater into clean drinking water, which has become another urgent need.

In addition, we’re looking to distribute food on the island of Antigua, also decimated by Irma on its deadly path through the Caribbean. Currently, the entire population of the devastated island of Barbuda has been evacuated to Antigua. So, this is a unique situation to assist the population of both islands in one place.

This growth of our Caribbean response is possible because we’ve set up an operational hub on Puerto Rico, from where we can fly a DC-3 plane to smaller islands with airport access.