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Grace's Top 3

It’s our joy to share Grace’s Top 3 favorite songs this week! She’s a sister of host Mandy Bowman and listens online daily in Morehead City. However, she doesn’t listen just for Mandy. She says she loves the “wide variety of music, and it’s not the same 10-15 songs on a loop.” In addition to being a goofball and frequent song-requester, she has also been a volunteer at a recent fundraiser for your Life 90.5. And many of you listeners have prayed for her in the past. More on that later, but for now, let’s start her top 3 with a fun one..

3. “Up Again” by Dan Bremnes

Released in the fall of 2019, this one has been a fun favorite of many listeners. The upbeat feel also carries great meaning for Grace…

“This song constantly reminds me that even though life doesn’t go my way, that all I need to do is get back up and get back to it. God has a plan for me, and He knows what my life has in store for me.”

2. “Tremble” by Mosaic MSC

This worship anthem came out in 2016, but continues to be beloved by Life 90.5 listeners. Grace has had it on repeat for a couple of years now…

“This songs speaks to the deepest parts of my soul. I am reminded that God is all-powerful and all-knowing God who can breathe life into bones knows what I am going through and is here to comfort me even when I am afraid.”

1. “Counting Every Blessing” by Rend Collective

Released in 2018, this song was perfectly timed for our community as Hurricane Florence approached. Grace and her family were one of the countless families who suffered tremendous losses during that monstrous weather event. In fact, several listeners had been praying for them as their struggle and continued faith in the Lord was discussed on air. But this song stuck with her throughout the devastating natural disaster…

“This is a song that has a very special meaning to me. Through whatever life throws at us (storms, difficulties in work, and even loss) we need to remember what God has provided for us and given to us. We need to constantly thank God for the many blessings he has given us everyday, even when we don’t see all the blessings He given us.”

You can read more about Grace’s incredible story of what God did before, during, and after the storm here.

Are there a few songs that have helped you through difficult times? Share your top 3 with us and you may end up on our blog, too!

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