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Give to Life Line Pregnancy Center in Honor of Rescued Baby

By now, most of Wilmington has heard the story

A baby boy abandoned in a trash bin. 
A cry to live. 
A Jesus-loving lady who heard him.
A frantic pull out of certain death. 
A song to soothe and bless him – “Jesus loves me.”

Praise the Lord that this little boy is now being cared for as every child should. 

So moved by God’s working in the rescue, Cynthia Burton, the Life 90.5 listener who rescued the baby boy last week, has started a GoFundMe to raise money for an organization that helps scared and hopeless mothers. Life Line Pregnancy Center here in Wilmington works with mothers to give life-saving options and support in their time of great need.

You can help mothers in a position similar to that of this infant’s. You can provide resources and hope to women and help prevent future abandonment of innocent children. Through your gift, you can remind women in need that they and their children are beloved of God.

For more information about Life Line Pregnancy Center, go to

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1 thought on “Give to Life Line Pregnancy Center in Honor of Rescued Baby”

  1. Please spread the word that Foster Parents are needed! Call your local Department of Social Services or a Christian Agency like Blair or Boy’s and Girl’s Home

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