Girl Power

Hey ladies! Mandy Bowman here. I was reminded this weekend of the amazing ways God uses women just like us and wanted to share those truths and thoughts with you. I hope you’ll be encouraged just like I was!


Early in the book of Exodus (chapters 1 and 2), the Pharaoh of Egypt was afraid of the Israelites as they were growing in number and could eventually take over the nation if they wanted. So he ordered something terrible – kill all the male Hebrew babies. However, some brave women stood up for what’s right, changing the future of Israel and our future as well.


The midwives instructed to kill the baby boys immediately after their birth allowed them to live.

One Hebrew woman hid her newborn baby boy for months until she placed him in a basket on the Nile in hopes that God would protect him. 

A sister watched from afar while Pharaoh’s own daughter found the little boy and decided to keep him. 

All these women, mostly little nobodies, were women that God used to protect Moses, the man God would use to deliver then nation of Israel out of slavery in Egypt to the front door of the Promised Land. The deliverance of a whole nation would not have been possible without those few brave women of faith.


Ladies, never, ever underestimate what God can do through you, no matter your situation or position. Listen to your Father, act in faith and obedience, and just watch what He’s gonna do!

For more encouragement, ladies, tune in to the Ladies Lunch Hour Cafe every weekday, noon until one, on Life 90.5!

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