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Emlyn's Top 3

It’s Top 3 Tuesday! On Tuesdays, listeners just like you become contributors to the Life 90.5 blog with your top 3 favorite songs! This week, it’s Emlyn, who started listening to Life 90.5 when she lived in Wilmington, and continues to listen online! Check out her current top 3 favorites…

1. “Almost Home” by MercyMe

This brand-new single from MercyMe’s upcoming album has rocketed up the charts and caught the attention of many Life 90.5 listeners, just like our friend Emlyn…

“I’m in a Celebrate Recovery step study group. Today was the first day that I had heard this song and in it were some of the things that I had said in my answers from last week! I was immediately moved to tears because I know God had me listen to this song at this time to let me know to hold on and keep pushing forward!”

2. “Burn the Ships” by For King & Country

In addition to recently sailing up the charts, this song has resonated with countless who struggle with addiction or are in recovery. Emlyn shares of God’s timing in discovering this song…

“I hadn’t heard this until last week! It was the day after our first step study meeting where we answered the first few questions in Step 1. On the way to take our boys to school, God spoke to me to turn the radio on. I immediately did and this song stated to play! I feel it was God confirming that that Step Study is where I’m supposed to be in my recovery.”

3. “Made New” by Lincoln Brewster

While this song was released back in 2014, listeners can still catch it on Life 90.5 every now and then. For Emlyn, the impact is just as strong as when it was released five years ago…

“Oh, this song!! When I’m feeling low (which has been more than I care to admit here lately), it reminds me of ‘who I am’ and that He holds ‘my head up’ and ‘restores my soul.'”

Thanks, Emlyn, for sharing your favorites with us. It’s so encouraging to hear about how the songs make such important impacts in the lives of listeners. So what’s your current top 3? Let us know and you could be featured in a future Top 3 Tuesday blog post as well! 

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For Amazon Echo devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill, then say… 
“Alexa, play Life 90.5 FM”
For Google devices, say… 
“Hey Google, play Life 90.5 FM”