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Emily's Top 3

Ya’ll have GOT to check out Emily’s top 3 this week! Every Tuesday, we share the current top 3 favorites from listeners just like you. And today is Emily’s turn to gush about her faves. Emily has lived in the Wilmington area for over a decade, but discovered Life 90.5 only a few months ago… 

“Since then, LIFE has quickly become my favorite radio station. I love the great mix of worship songs, and hearing about local news and events. It is so awesome to see God working through this radio station! I am now a monthly supporter and LIFE cheerleader.”

3. “Bury the Workman” by Unspoken

The band Unspoken has several songs enjoyed by many in the Life 90.5 family. “Reason,” their latest release, is a fun and upbeat tune while “Mistakes” is a frequently requested one. However, “Bury the Workman” has been a listener favorite since its debut back in 2014.

Emily writes, “This song is one of the most bluesy and soulful worship songs I have heard in a long time. It draws water from the deepest part of my well, spilling out in harmony with the vocals.”

We’re pretty sure that’s the most perfect metaphor describing this song.

2. “Details” by Sarah Reeves

Sarah Reeve’s first big hit in 2017 is an excellent reminder of a truth we often forget.

Emily says, “The simple message in this song ignites joy in my soul; God is in every single detail. Amen!”

Oh, amen, sister! In addition to being in every important detail, God is even the ones we don’t care to know. Luke 12:7a reads, “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” It’s amazing to know that our big God cares about the smallest of details.

1. “Love Won’t Let Me Down” by Hillsong Young & Free

Emily’s Top 3 is rounded out by a fun one from Hillsong Young & Free. Spinning off of Hillsong Worship in Australia, Young & Free emerged in 2012. Departing from the typical worship music style, they frequently produce the kind of songs that transform worship into a workout.

Emily agrees, raving, “If you need a good song to get you pumped up for a workout, or take you that extra mile on your run, this is IT. My toddler and I both love to dance to this one!”

We love to dance along with it, too! Thank you, Emily, for sharing your top 3 favorites with us. You can share yours as well and maybe you’ll end up on our blog sometime soon! Submit your favorites here. Also, you can become a monthly giver and cheerleader like Emily when you give at life905.com/donate.

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For Amazon Echo devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill, then say… 
“Alexa, play Life 90.5”
For Google devices, say… 
“Hey Google, play Life 90.5 FM”

For Amazon Echo devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill, then say… 
“Alexa, play Life 90.5 FM”
For Google devices, say… 
“Hey Google, play Life 90.5 FM”