Craig’s Top 3 | Top 3 Tuesday

Every Tuesday, we feature a list of the current top 3 favorite songs from your favorite hosts at Life 90.5. This week, it’s Craig’s turn to share his favorites…

1. Church Clap

2. Church Clap

3. Church Clap

Only because Jim can’t stand it. Just kidding. It doesn’t really count anyway since it’s 7 years old. But I do love when adults request it “for their children.”

For real now, my top 3…

1. God Only Knows – for KING AND COUNTRY with Echosmith

What a surprise! Everybody likes it. But I didn’t really love it until the summer remake with Echosmith which is another sibling band. Best pairing of musical families since the Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family got together.

2. Every Little Thing – Hillsong Young and Free featuring Andy Mineo

You can hear the maturation and progression of HY&F in this one. It doesn’t hurt that Andy Mineo, a Christian hip hop artist and producer, is a part of it. I like the version that features his “It’s been a long night, it’s been a long fight, so just remind me everything will be alright.”

3. Symphony – Switch with Dillon Chase

I like songs with quality production that are layered with little nuances that you might not catch right away. This one has all that. Which is a great analogy for the song’s message. God is taking all the elements of our lives, good and bad, and writing a Symphony!

What do you think of Craig’s picks? Let us know in the comments!

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