Craig Thomas has been a fixture on Wilmington radio and TV since 1989. He is Wilmington’s most prolific radio morning host. Craig began entertaining morning listeners with WGNI for 19 years and then Sunrise Broadcasting for 4 years before finally joining Carolina Christian Radio on LIFE 90.5 in 2013. “It’s been a long time dream to work in Christian Radio where I can more openly express my faith,” Thomas said. “I’m glad my path has finally led me to Life 90.5 FM where I have long admired what Carolina Christian Radio has accomplished. I hope I can use my experience, as a Christian who worked in the secular job world, to encourage others.”

Craig enjoys making fun of his co-hosts, striking dramatic poses, and wearing plaid blazers. His colleagues are fairly certain it’s all a cry for attention as the station’s spoiled-rotten diva.

One of Craig’s hobbies in his free time is participating in the circus when they come to the area. He enjoys painting his face to be “incognito” and is the guy who drives the clown car into the big tent. Because his role as a clown car driver is a non-speaking part, he enjoys making many funny faces.

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