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Counting Every Blessing in Hurricane Florence

When Hurricane Florence slowly, painstakingly rolled through eastern North Carolina last fall, she left a trail of destruction in her wake. The entire Wilmington area struggled for months, and is still struggling to recover in some ways. However, even in the middle of the storm’s aftermath, there are so many blessings to count.

You hear Mandy Bowman every weekday from 10am-3pm on your Life 90.5. Her sister Grace and her husband accounted for one of the many families who lost their home due to the storm. Long before Florence filled her house with 8 feet of water, destroying nearly everything inside, God had ingrained this song into her heart…

It wasn’t until the storm hit that Grace understood why God had placed this song on her heart. He was preparing her to look for the blessings in the middle of the storm. Though the house and all its furnishings were a total loss, she chose to keep counting all the things she could be thankful for…

She and her husband escaped their home in time.

Their pets were recovered and safe.

They had family nearby who took them in.

Their church family gathered around them to support them.

People they didn’t even know were giving them help.

Instead of focusing on the huge problem in front of her, Grace chose to obey God and be thankful. She chose to do as 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, being “thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” There is so much joy to be gained in the midst of trial when you choose to be thankful.

Just a few weeks ago, after 9 months in Grace’s parents’ home, they were finally able to get into a home of their own. Now they’re counting the blessing of a mortgage payment because it means they have a house again. She thanks you all for your prayers and hopes that you will count your blessings, too.

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