What's up with all this Christmas music?

When are you playing Christmas music?

The day after Thanksgiving all the way through Christmas Day. We return to our normal uplifting and upcouraging Christian music on December 26th.

Why do you go all Christmas?

This season provides a unique opportunity in our community. As local residents scan their dials looking for familiar seasonal music to match their ugly Christmas sweater and peppermint mocha vibes, they’ll hear a Christmas tune on Life 90.5 and stick around to listen for more. It’s our prayer that people who would never choose to listen to Christian music otherwise would hear the true message of Christmas, the birth of a Savior born for them. It’s all about sharing the gospel with the Wilmington area, and we’re thrilled at this special chance to do so.

Why play songs about reindeer and Santa if it’s all about Jesus?

Playing those familiar classics like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” is not only a bit of delightful holiday nostalgia, but it’s also the kind of songs that keep new listeners tuned in. Some usual listeners may object to songs about Santa when Jesus is the reason for the season, and we completely understand that concern. However, we believe it’s important to use classic songs for the Christmas season to help reach the lost who won’t hear songs about Jesus from any other local station playing Christmas music. Also, the real St. Nicholas was a pretty cool dude worth remembering! You can read more about his real life story here

Is it still family-friendly?

Absolutely! As always, we remain perfectly safe for the little ears in your backseat to hear. While there are some less-than-clean Christmas songs in existence, you won’t be hearing them on Life 90.5 this season.

How can I keep this going?

You can keep Life 90.5 strong throughout the Christmas season and beyond in 3 ways. First, tell someone about your favorite radio station! Second, pray for the ministry and that people would respond to the gospel message. And third, make a financial gift. A donation of any size to your local nonprofit Christian music station would make a real difference in the lives of listeners this season and into the new year.


For Amazon devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill.
For Google devices, say “Hey Google, play Life 90.5 in Tune In”

For Amazon devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill.
For Google devices, say “Hey Google, play Life 90.5 on Tune In.”