Calvary Chapel of Wilmington | Church of the Week

Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel joins us as our church of the week! Nick and Alex visit our studio today, thrilled to tell you about their upcoming move to a new building. Following the completion of construction and inspections, they are scheduled to begin worship at 3201 Randall Parkway on Sunday, March 8th. 

Featuring many songs from your favorites like Elevation and Hillsong, listeners will find the worship music selection familiar. As far as sermons are concerned, attendees will benefit from in-depth verse-by-verse teaching. 

Ahead of the opening of the new building, Calvary Chapel will still need some help to complete some projects. If you’re available to assist on Saturdays ahead of March 8th, please contact the church. You can find them on Facebook or on their website at

If you’d like to share your church with our listeners one morning on Life 90.5, go to our contact page to arrange your airtime.

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