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Every Tuesday, we feature the current top 3 favorite songs from one of your favorite Life 90.5 hosts or one of our listeners! Today, it’s Brian’s turn. Brian is our favorite coffee roaster, providing the special blend keeping Craig caffeinated each morning. He’s also a bit of a world traveler, wearing his Life 90.5 t-shirt wherever he goes. Here’s what Brian has to say about his top 3…

I know what you’re thinking. My top 3 must have something to do with being kid-like, coffee, dancing or traveling. Now while “Cartoons,” “Awakening,” “Wave Walker” and “I’ll Fly Away” are on my top 10 list, my top 3 have a direct connection to my relationship with Jesus and how I look back on certain events in my life.

3. “Fear No More by Building 429

With a chorus like “Your hands are reaching out, You hold me through the storm, and I will fear no more;” this is now my faith and strength song. This reminds me of how I used to be scared of thunder storms when I was a little kid; forward to today’s life storms and I can feel His arms wrapped around me for strength and comfort. So there is no need to fear anything.

2. “Scars (Come with Livin’)” by TobyMac

This song reminds me that as stubborn as I can be thinking that life’s problems are mine alone, “you are NOT alone” and if you are here on Earth, problems are just a part of life. Some of those life problems may cut deep but the scar is the result of healing. If you “lift your head up” and look to God, those problems are not so big anymore.

1. “Dead Man Walking” by Jeremy Camp

All right, I will admit it. I am such a HUGE Jeremy Camp fan. His voice is so unique and the words to all his songs are chuck full of meaning. My #1 could have easily been “I Still Believe”, “Word of Life” or my traveling theme song “Right Here,” but his latest song hit me right between the eyes. Hands down, it is now my favorite song because of the verse “I was a dead man walking, until I was a man walking with You.” The rest of the song describes old me verses new me. How I was dead but now I’m alive because “You loved this dead man walking back to life.” This song is a perfect summary of the events leading up to my NEW life, thanks to my Savior. There is no life without Jesus. Need I say more?

Big thanks to Brian for contributing to our Top 3 Tuesday for this week! What are the top three songs that have been bouncing around in your head lately? Let us know here and you may be featured on an upcoming Top 3 Tuesday post!

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For Amazon Echo devices, enable the Life 90.5 Alexa Skill, then say… 
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For Google devices, say… 
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