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4 Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Family This Year

Even before Thanksgiving arrives, evidence of Christmas can be seen everywhere. Gift sets on every store end cap. Christmas décor filling every craft shop. Even the Salvation Army gets an early start with bell ringers out and about in mid-November. As the world gears up for the Christmas season, are you and your family ready to celebrate? It’s been a tough year for many, so maybe you want to brighten your family’s Christmas not with expensive toys or gadgets, but by starting fresh, new-to-you Christmas traditions. Our Life 90.5 hosts and staff are thrilled to share some of their traditions that you can adopt with your own family.


Everyone has a favorite Christmas movie! Is yours a black-and-white film? A claymation classic? Or even a Hallmark Christmas movie? No matter your holiday film favorite, choose one to start your season every single year. Hannah Chitwood has multiple movies ready to help begin her Christmas celebration on Thanksgiving:

“On Thanksgiving day, we wake up and watch the Macy’s parade with a cup of coffee, then put on ‘White Christmas’ while cooking. We throw the football around after dinner. Afterward, we all watch ‘Christmas Vacation’ and shop online.”

Just like you start the Christmas season with a movie, you could select another to watch together with your family every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Stretch the Christmas tradition a little farther if you want, and watch yet another one on New Years Eve, New Years Day, and even Valentines Day! (because, really, why not?)

Are you searching for great Christmas movies for your kids that focus on the real meaning of Christmas? Check out this list from


Christmas Eve Service

If you’ve never attended a Christmas Eve service, you can start a beautiful new Christmas tradition this year. Life in the Morning’s Mandy Bowman makes that part of her annual festivities with her family:

“It’s such a precious, reverent time to reflect on the real meaning of the Christmas season. After all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is done, that candlelit service is a much-needed opportunity to slow down and remember what Christmas is all about. I attend the service my home church each year and enjoy the music, the message, partaking in communion together, all with my family that I don’t get to see often enough.”

If your church isn’t holding a Christmas Eve service, there’s certainly a church nearby who would be glad to have you join them.

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With this idea, you can save some money and create a fun memory with your kids. Mike Farrow shares this Christmas tradition from his childhood:

“Growing up in West Virginia my family would make Christmas tree rope out of popcorn to decorate the tree. We would take a needle and thread and string together popcorn (and this was before microwave popcorn) to wrap around the tree. Each child (4 of us) would take turns ‘threading’ the popcorn (and eating a piece every now and then). It gave the tree a folksy country look instead of the flashy look of today’s trees.”

A quick search will bring up countless other homemade Christmas decoration ideas. Our staff were rather fond of The Pioneer Woman’s 50 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas to Make Your Home Merry and Bright. In addition, Country Living also has 31 Best Christmas Crafts for Kids That You’ll Love Making With Them.


Luke christmas traditions

It’s a Christmas tradition for many families to read the well-known passage of Luke chapter 2 on that holiday morning. However, you could extend that Scripture-reading tradition with another incredible idea that Mandy Bowman adores.

“Beginning December 1st, read one chapter of the book of Luke in the Bible each evening. There are 24 chapters. One Christmas Eve, you will have read an entire account of Jesus’ life and wake up Christmas morning knowing WHO and WHY we celebrate!”

While Christmas is a beautiful season full of fun and meaningful traditions, the point of Christmas is ultimately the cross. Jesus was born to die a sacrificial death on our behalf. His resurrection from the dead means that all who believe in Him and make Him Lord get the most incredible gift of all time – eternal life in the glorious presence of God Himself.

Do you want to know God and have eternal life? Find out more!

What are your ideas for great Christmas traditions? Let us know in the comments!

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