You can help share the Gospel while encouraging believers in their walk with Christ!

Life 90.5 FM is encouraging listeners while sharing the Gospel with hungry hearts every day! This (your) radio ministry is community supported. This mission is not possible without your help! Join us today in this mission!

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FAQ’s Fall ShareLife 2017

October 2-6, 2017

Asking For Donations?… What’s that all about?

A lot of radio stations like ours call it a “Sharathon.” This is the Fall   version of the on-air fundraising efforts for Life 90.5

It’s an exciting broadcast event in which we ask listeners to help support this ministry as we enter the final quarter of 2017. You will hear moving testimonies and lots of great music. During Sharathon, listeners from across the area, from across denominational lines, and from different traditions join together to show their support of the mission of Life 90.5…

Mission: To share the Gospel as we encourage believers in their walk with Christ.

Why do you have a Shar-a-thon?
Carolina Christian Radio’s group of stations… Life 90.5 FM, The Dove 89.7 FM, The Word 88.5 FM are all supported by listeners. Even thevbusiness sponsors you hear are dedicated to supporting the ministry that goes forward on the airwaves. If you asked any one of our business sponsors why they give to the ministry, they would tell you that they are excited to see God use their business to make a difference in people’s lives right here at home on the Carolina Coast.

But the reality is, over 75% of the ministry’s budget comes from individuals, churches, families and civic groups donating gifts ranging from $5 to $500 on a regular monthly basis. Another smaller group of givers donate from $1,000 to $10,000 annually. We come to you twice a year, during the Spring and Fall, asking you to supply the funds we need to operate. For 24 years, because we have been faithful to ask, God has been faithful to provide through people just like you. Our Sharathon is a time of Celebrating, Sharing God’s goodness, encouraging each other and asking you to get involved with the giving team.

What’s in it for me?
Lives are changed every day. Marriages are strengthened, people discover God’s unconditional love in Christ for the first time, songs and scriptures are like God’s healing balm to wounded souls, minds are renewed, lives are transformed. It’s a great feeling knowing you are involved in such a significant way.

What’s a pledge?
It is a commitment of what you would like to donate as God provides. It is a commitment made between you and God. Carolina Christian Radio is not a bill collector. We will not harass you if your pledge is delayed.

Do you only accept gifts and pledges during Sharathons?
No! You may make your tax-deductible contributions at any time. We just realize that we humans need reminded from time to time. Sharathon is also a great time to share the vision with new listeners.

Do I get a receipt?
A tax deductible receipt will be issued through the mail each time a gift is given via check. An electronic gift acknowledgement is issued each time you donate using a debit or credit card on our electronic donation page. If you donate via monthly ACH withdrawal through your checking, savings or credit card account, you will see the donation reflected on your account statement, and for everyone donating at any time throughout the year, a year-end statement of your giving will be issued by the end of January.

How do I make a pledge or a gift?
Telephone: 910-202-0946 or 888-860-9945 Online: www.Life905.com

Online Banking or Checks via US Mail:

Carolina Christian Radio Po Box 957 Wilmington, NC 28402

Carolina Christian Radio is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; Carolina Christian Radio’s Federal Employee Identification Number is 56-1785718.